JACQUIE HAYES, othewise known by her moniker of Madam Wheels, is a friend of the HSCCA Statesman Nationals.  Jacquie attended the Nats last year to support us and speak at the Nationals Dinner, held in the Windmill at Emerald Bank.  Jacquie, a rev-head from way back, arrived at the Nats in a wolf-in-sheeps Audi R6S Supercar.

Volunteer and co-Nats organiser Dave Miller took the opportunity to take a spin of what Jacquie called gidday-up in the Audi.

A blistering lap away from the venue down the Shepparton ring road saw Dave and his son Dylan come back to the dinner with Cheshire Cat grins.  You'd think they'd won the lottery.

Seems Ms Hayes has a penchant for using horses under that Audi bonnet.  Zoom, vroom, blast off.  If you ever catch up with Dave, get him to recall this story and he'll go into great detail.

Jacquie spoke at the dinner about the difficulties faced by some women when purchasing a vehicle on their own. 

The Madam Wheels digital media platform was developed by a woman, for women, to provide timely and relevant articles, videos and social media feeds around the latest high-end vehicles to market. We arm you with the information you need when you’re next in the market for a new set of wheels.

Her aim is to help women “step up” and call the shots in the luxury-car buying process and to make that experience as authentic, enjoyable and hiqh-quality as possible.

More fun than he could poke a stick at.  Jacquie kindly donated her time to speak without a fee — lovely lady with a big heart.  We are seeking interesting speakers for the next Nats.  Suggestions welcome.