Narin of EverFresh Whitewalls kindly donated two sets of whitewalls to the value of $140 each for the Nats last year. The Albury-based whitewallers are known as among the best exponents of the craft in the country, using skilled installers with absolutely the best materials available.  They have agreed to sponsor this year's Nationals

They visited Shepparton recently with their mobile fitting service. We've heard 9 or 10 sets were done on the day outside of Mal McCloud's Hobby Boss. Mal had his VQ Sleeper done with a redwall and another Stato set with a purplewall.  Other than the Statesmans, the team also did some classics including a HZ ute and a classic Monaro.

The look on the Monaro was just like the day they were birthed and on the Statesman, walls just work.

We're really excited to have them on board. Adrian Grant, of Wodonga sums them up: "Words can't describe how good the quality of work you receive, absolutely awesome and to top it of such a good bloke!"