Had a lot of fun this week putting together this extended version of the 2018 Nationals Cruise Video.  Ably helped with Jacqui of AJP, we put this compilation together in iMovie for posterity.  The Sunday was much better weather than the wet Saturday we had endured.

The Statos formed up at Shepparton Bridgestone, practically filling up the massive concrete forecourt.

Then on to Dookie and Devenish where we visited the silo art and then back to Dookie for lunch.  The numbers were spectacular, creating possibly the first traffic jams in the little towns. 

The video starts at the launching site on the Bridgestone tarmac, in New Dookie Road.  Dom Melino can be seen directing traffic, West, South and East — very funny.

The the procession begins following Dom in his red Corvette.