We've been busy in HSCCA HQ, at Top Gun Multimedia, creating artwork merchandise and a logo for this year's Nationals.

We've had a lot of positive feedback about the new logo and people are excited to see the clothing merch that is planned for the event over 19-20 October, in Shepparton.

This time we have used Shepo's WH as a draw image.  His beautiful WH has one of the most interesting personalised number plates around.  There's no doubt that Daniel has a knack with naming his car.

The HMASWH is no accident – pointing towards the nautical references, tongue-in-cheek.  Great fun.

More information about the Nationals will be posted on www.stato.life and the HSCCA group.

You can download the file here for personal use, promo use and printing. folder 2019 Statesman Nationals