With a little bit of help from Facebook's Event advertising algorithm, we had a very successful event launch this week.

In a 24 hour period, those "Interested" in the 2019 HSCCA Statesman Nationals, at the Shepparton Motor Museum, 19-20 Oct, garnished about 376 entrants.

This is a huge increase from the initial commitment of about 80 people and or cars.

Last year we had about 100 in total on the Saturday and about 75 on the Cruise to Dookie/Devenish.  We went through $400 worth of BBQ food, which had finished by about 2pm.  You can just imagine what we'll need this year.  We're having a Nats Organising Committee meeting in Shepp today to work stuff out.

This year's numbers are looking outstanding.  It's more than likely that the total amount attending will be a "world record."  Spoke with Shaun Lennard, the museum curator, and he said it could be a record for the venue too — exceeding the biggest day it's had with the SS Club three years ago.

Who can remember seeing 300 plus Statos in a pack? I haven't.