As funny as the title is about backseat enjoyment in a Statesman Caprice, today's yarn is a tribute to the comfort and pure luxury of our girls' rear compartment.  Having re-read this sentence, I really do get the irony of this post.  No I'm not talking about "Paradise by the Dashboard Light", I'm talking about rear seat comfort.

Known for the massive amount of legroom and opulent leather chairs, riding in the rear of my VR Caprice was astounding.  A bit like riding around in a mobile leather loungeroom.  And there's enough headroom for me to be able to wear an Akubra bush hat on my 6-foot frame.  That's super great and takes the cool factor to eleven.

Firstly there was the ease of entry into the rear, then the massive cabin space with all that extra leg space.  I visualised Little Johnny Howard in my ex-embassy car with his feet up against the rear seat.  Can't do that in the current fleet of BMW's  Howard had used my car during the handover of Hong Kong back to China in 1997. 

Martin Barlow's VQ, which was Bob Hawke's C*2 Caprice, has extra reading lights fitted so that Hawkie could study briefings.  I don't know how it could do that given that Stato rear seats are so comfortable that they send you off to sleep.

After some travelling — enjoying the burble of the 304 — I noticed the radio controller and speakers in the roof.  Now that's such a cool thingy.  From the rear seat, I was able to listen to the footy without interfering with front car quiet.

Moreover, with the right headphones, it is possible to privately listen to radio, CD or tape at the push of a button.  I was controlling the volume, so it was just the rear speakers pushing out the footy score.  And the tape player still works — I only own one tape.  It's Foster and Allen and, as you can imagine, it's pretty tame.

And of course, by the time we'd done a few kilometres, I was in the ZZZ-zone. "V" Series Caprices are especially luxurious with gathered mixed leather and cloth material. Maybe Holden should have called the leather-seated Caprice the "Sleepmaker."