Things are warming up at the Statesman Nationals organising committee.  We are geting excited about "the biggest and best Statesman Event of 2019."

  1. You need to come to enjoy the Cruise from Wallan — we are expecting about 50 cars to make the morning cruise from Wallan to Shepparton.
  2. You need to see the updated Shepparton Motor Musuem — the musuem has doubled in size in the part years and is about to start undergoing a further expansion.
  3. You need to see the amazing roll-up of Statos, Caprices, Devilles and Granges – we've had more than 400 car owners express their interest in the event.
  4. You need to enjoy the Statesman Nationals Dinner — we're expecting guest speakers, raffle competitions, more prizes than you can poke a stick at.
  5. You need to enjoy the Statesman Nats Sunday Cruise to Murchison, via Kirwans Bridge (an experience not to be forgotten). You just don't get to do these things when you live in the big smoke.

This movie demonstrates the fun had at last year's Nats during the two days.