Meet the volunteers behind the scenes to keep the HSCCA Facebook Group running.  We have people from all walks of life and from all parts of Australia.  As you should know, the HSCCA is the largest collection of Statesman owners and fans on the Internet.  Keeping all of this running smoohtly takes time and effort.  Here's some profiles of those behind the mechanations.

Ken Beller
Complete Staff Solutions
Ken Beller is one of the original admins for HSCCA. Ken is a National manager in the labour hire field, however started his working career as a mechanic. Ken is currently in the middle of a long term restoration/modification of his VS Statesman.
Daniel Shepo Shepheard
Hamilton View Constructions
Daniel has spent four years in an Admin role on the main site and the Vic HSCCA. He has been a member for six years. His profession is carpenter. For recreation he loves cruises, video editing and golf. His beautiful dark blue WH Statesman is famous for its nautical themed number plates, HMASWH.
Meagan Connolly
Supercheap Auto
Meagan is one of the VIC Admins. As a young girl she loved her LWBs and V8s, and a big fan of the VS body. Always willing to learn and get her hands dirty, Meagan seeks to help grow the HSCCA and help with organising bigger meets and cruises in concert with other Admins.
Bella-Lee Spink
Barry Maney Group
Bella has been involved with HSCCA for many years.. Going from admin of the main page to having a couple years off and now helping to run the South Australian page... Bella has always had a passion for cars and now works in the industry as a mechanic. Shes owned many Statesmans and is currently custom building a VR Statesman.
Grant Moen
Automotive Wrecker
Grant Moen is one of the NSW admins. Currently owns a WL Caprice previously owned a VS and VR Statos. it’s his blood as an automotive wrecker his days are filled with cars but his passion is his Caprice.
Peter Russell
Open Source Software - Community Builder
Pete is a Founder of the software project Joomla! Lately, since buying his third Stato, he has focussed on having motoring fun through the HSCCA and Shepp Statos by organising the first Statesman Nationals. He provides some design and marketing expertise to this group and is the creator/editor of
Allan Wheeler
Disabilities Support Worker
Allan is an admin of main HSCCA and WA page. He's into most things automotive, but Holdens have always been his number one. First Statesman was a WH and now currently on a long term WH Grange project. He works as a disabilities support worker and loves nothing more than cycling and hanging with the family.