Now is time for Statesman fans to buy the latest merchandise available on the Custom Chaotic page.  Time to get "with it" so you can wear them to your club cruises and your choice to the Nats in October.

After a bit of fitting and formatting by Brent Mannell and the team at Custom Chaotic, our clothing and hats are now available for sale on the HSCCA Merchandise page.

Now is the time to get into this fantastic-looking gear, complete with the official HSCCA Nationals logo for 2019.

There is a selection of caps, hoodies, t-shirts, muscle-shirts all available with the distinctive logo.

Fantastic logo design by Peter Russell and production is done by Brent Mannell, both from the Admin Team.

As far as magicians go, we have one called Dave.  Dave Miller is a Statesman Caprice owner and certified nut about the old girls.

He's also one of the best car detailers in the business.  Apart from detailing, Dave is helping with the organisation of the Statesman Nationals for this year.

His Finer Details detailing business that he runs from home is a top-rated service — with customers coming from all parts of the Goulburn Valley.

He detailed my white VR Caprice two years ago.  It still looks impressive with just a regular wash.  It's a testimony to the quality of his work.

He masks up brightwork before buffing, he can remove scratches, swirls and orange peel.  High-quality expensive cars and customs get VIP treatment.  People have been known to be reduced to tears having had their car detailed.

So good is Dave's work, that many of his clients take cars to him that had been earmarked for "sale."  The irony is; many of these cars don't get listed for sale once the owner sees how good the vehicle presents after the detail.

Dave will be at the Nationals this year on October Saturday 19th, where you can see some examples of his work.  You won't find another operator so well priced, and he will have deals for the day.  His link to The Finer Details Facebook Page is available if you scroll to the bottom.


It's very hard to find info about the HDT Statesman Magnums. 

We've found a video by HDT with Peter Brock comments that pretty much sums up this amazing model.

Brocky tweaked it to the point it was just seconds away from Commodore speeds around Calder.

The wheel and tyre package was so good a luxury car could be driven hard and respond well.

It had become the most popular HDT luxury vehicle.  The sales and marketing managers at Holden needed some excitement.  Brocky looked into it gave it group III heads, exhausts, shocks, springs, fatter front and rear bars, Momo wheels and a change in the diff ratio.

"It went hard and the best I could do in a standard Statesman was 61.5 seconds, in the Magnum it was a weapon."

They even considered putting a five-speed into them but it was only talked about.

They made three utilities which was out of HDT's normal model range and about 250 Statesmans were customised by HDT.

Luxury in complete comfort and at speed.


With a little bit of help from Facebook's Event advertising algorithm, we had a very successful event launch this week.

In a 24 hour period, those "Interested" in the 2019 HSCCA Statesman Nationals, at the Shepparton Motor Museum, 19-20 Oct, garnished about 376 entrants.

This is a huge increase from the initial commitment of about 80 people and or cars.

Last year we had about 100 in total on the Saturday and about 75 on the Cruise to Dookie/Devenish.  We went through $400 worth of BBQ food, which had finished by about 2pm.  You can just imagine what we'll need this year.  We're having a Nats Organising Committee meeting in Shepp today to work stuff out.

This year's numbers are looking outstanding.  It's more than likely that the total amount attending will be a "world record."  Spoke with Shaun Lennard, the museum curator, and he said it could be a record for the venue too — exceeding the biggest day it's had with the SS Club three years ago.

Who can remember seeing 300 plus Statos in a pack? I haven't.