Rodney Anderson has made a generous donation to the Statesman Nationals.  Like the good bloke he is, he's given us permission to print a high-resolution file and make it available for the Nats.

The spectacular photo of his beautiful blue HQ Deville 350 is an example of his beautifully executed photography.

Thanks Rodney.  We've added your logo to the bottom of each page on this website as a sponsor.

It had been nearly seven months since my VR Caprice had taken a long-run-drive.

And the results were a testimony to the benefits of taking the old girl on a long drive.

As of right now, she is running beautifully.  Quite possibly the best she has been running in a good year or so.

At the moment it is so sweet at idle. It makes me very happy.

My dad always told me that taking "your car for a long run is good for it."

The trip from Shepparton to St James and return was about 108kms, and that appears to be a good number of kilometres for this transformation.

Before the "long run" the car had not been any further than short trips around town.  

I do need to take the Caprice for longer trips it's obvious having seen the results.

The RAC recommends the following to help with good running:

    1. Change filters regularly. ...
    2. Drive smoothly ...
    3. Use your air conditioning. ...
    4. Replace spark plugs and leads ...
    5. Top up fluids regularly ...
    6. Check your tyres ...
    7. Stick to the service schedule ...
    8. Keep your car clean...
    9. Maintain your car's battery ...

For the the forecasted distance left in the tank was the real winner.  As I drove, it improved considerably, showing a forecasted 300km changing to 600km by the time we had arrived at St James. "Making petrol". :)  Quite obviously these long-wheelbase V8s love the miles and there is the proof in the pudding.

Sunday 28 saw four HSCCA Members attend the St James Official Launch of the GJ Coles Silo Art.

Peter Russell with his VR Caprice, Steve Abblitt with his WL Caprice, Dave MIller with his WL Caprice and Steve Baz with his V6 WL Statesman cruised from Shepparton Bridgestone to Dookie, then Devenish and finally St James (part of the 2018 Statesman Nats Cruise route).

The HSCCA group was accompanied by members of GV Cars and Coffee, Goulburn Valley Classic and Muscle Car group and a few new people in a collection ranging from Neil Heard's A9X Torana, Dom Melino's Mercedes Benz convertible a clutch of Corvettes, a VB V8 and a Hotrod.

The day was fantastic with a small parade that include vintage and veteran cars and trucks and four Clydesdal Horses pulling a draught.  Many members of the original CJ Coles family attended the ceremony and several gave speeches about the great man.

It was so interesting to hear how the first Coles shop originated in St James and how GJ Coles had been shot in the knee while rolling a smoke in the trenches.  For that event he had been repatriated by the war office and took the opportunity to visit the UK where he organised to meet "Mr Woolworths" in situ.  That meet mean CJ Coles could measure up the UK Woolworths retail outlets and take some valuable knowledge back to Australia.  He had told the Brits that "Coles was only little and would never pose a threat to Woolworths."  Typical Aussie attitude.  We heard from his great great grandson that Coles now employs 110,000 Australians which was met with laughter.

What a wonderful piece of real Australia and what an amazing club cruise.

Wayne at the St James Country Hotel was a fantastic host and he had partitioned off the pub car park for us and provided seating in the pub's main dining room for lunch.  Top bloke who could not have done any more.




We spoke with Rodney Anderson during the holiday break.  Rocket is the owner of a blue HQ Stato with a 350 V8 and he often takes sunset photographs of his beast.  Rodney has plans to go the forthcoming Rockhampton Car Show.  Stay tuned for more of his work, displayed on the HSCCA.  The aluring model in this photoset is Jaimi Muggeridge.  Statos and curves and beer — it doesn't get any better than this.