One of the StatoLife's most famous friends has a new gearbox in the making.

Daniel "Shepo" Shepheard's beautiful blue WH is nearly ready for it's back-on-the-road adventures with the news that the replacement gearbox is soon joining his V8 HMASWH.

Daniel posted this wonderful and exciting photo on Facebook today.  This so-loved long-wheelbase beauty is much anticipated.

The car had spat some gearbox bits late last year and has been awaiting a re-conditioned box.

Next, as we understand from posts between Daniel and Guy Reeves, will be a paint job.

Given it looks so good at the moment, new paint will take her to new levels.  So great to hear she's on the mend.  Well done Shepo.

Shepo has also agreed to be a jugdge for this year's Show 'n' Shine category for custom Statos at the 19-20 Nats.  The car is also featured in our advertising materials produced this week.

pdf Download ad for Statesman Nats 2019 A4 Poster #Two (9.75 MB)

AS SOON as I saw this Caprice, I knew I’d be in for a good yarn.

Boldly propped beneath the Australian flag at Emerald Bank, the 1995 VR Holden Caprice seemed unassuming; but scratch a little at the surface and a myriad of hidden details began slowly unveiling.

The only distinguishing feature on the exterior was a tiny Australian flag attached to the bonnet via a tiny embassy flag post. Standing no taller than 15 centimetres and triumphantly and chaotically flapping in the breeze, this minor detail provided a mere clue to unlock the unique journey that leads to this Caprice being positioned here on a windy spring morning.

I was extremely grateful for the storytelling skills of the owner of the car, Peter Russell, for carefully explaining to me the vehicles extended journey from Hong Kong to Australia. An ex-journalist himself, Mr Russell weaves a labyrinthine and lengthy tale on the Caprice’s interesting past.

“This Holden Caprice is the last of the marque to be supplied to the Australian Embassy in Hong Kong, for use by the consul general,” he said.

“It landed in Hong Kong in 1995, where it was used for four years as the primary transport for the chief of the embassy.

“The car carried Australian Prime Minister of the time, John Howard, as well as other visiting politicians) during transfer of sovereignty over Hong Kong from the United Kingdom to China.”

I listened attentively and took note of the significance of this Caprice in Hong Kong at this particular time; witness to one of the most significant events in modern history.

Mr Russell continued, “It’s dedicated chauffeur, Kent Wong, was trained in abduction evasion techniques and advanced driving skills. Quarterly he'd have her on the local skid pan for practice. The Caprice’s horn has been used so hard, on the pad, is broken and air horns have been fitted to deal with the unique international traffic conditions, as you could imagine.


No doubt! And I can visualise it now as I’m positioned in the back seat admiring the Caprice’s interior. I imagined myself as John Howard frantically bouncing around the bustling, busy streets of Wan Chai.

Back outside the vehicle and Mr Russell shifts my attention to a few other minor details specific to his prized ex-embassy car: there’s a neat little Mandarin language warning on the filler cap, which reads “UNLEADED ONLY” and a couple of gorgeous diplomatic stickers on the windscreen.

“Eventually, a diplomat who had worked at the embassy some years previously bid on the car when it reached its end of life. The Caprice was then shipped back to Canberra, where it lived in the role of a family vehicle for 17 years. However, for 11 of those years, the vehicle was in storage, on blocks and undercover,” he explained.

Peter Russell is the third owner of the Caprice and you can see him proudly driving around the region and also displaying the car at club events.

StatoLife is collecting a range of PDFs, Word docs and Text docs for easy download.

We have placed these files for HSCCA members and guests to use for FREE.

Some of the documents collected so far include original Holden docs about "V" and "W" series cars.

We also have some excellent documents provided by HSCCA members.  Martin Barlow, of Canberra, has put together an excellent photo guide for VQ owners.

We also have a category of downloads for advertising and promoting the HSCCA Nationals — the finished artwork is ready for your use. The more people who get the word out about this year's 19-20 Oct Gala Event the better.

Categories are available here.

Today we've added our open Facebook Events Page link embedded to StatoLife.

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