One of the HSCCA's stalwarts, RJ Smith, took his beastie to a car show last week.

During his time out with his project car, he took the opportunity to take some night time photos.

We first saw the piccies late last week and decided to put them on Welcome to StatoLife

The Cherry Black custom paint job looks the part with the purple-lit building the the background, in Rockhampton.

Just goes to show that Statos of very high-calibre exist on States other than Vic and NSW.

I briefly spoke to Smithy via Messenger and he has promised to put together a complete build timeline for us to peruse.  Putting a 6.0 litre into what was a 5.0 litre originally is a bigger job than you would imagine.  Can't wait to hear more from the "horses mouth."

We have sent Smithy a subscription to Survivor Car Magazine, Australia.  Cool.  If you want to be in the running for the next strong photo competition, contact StatoLife with your photos.



An interview with Smithy from last year.

We've been busy in HSCCA HQ, at Top Gun Multimedia, creating artwork merchandise and a logo for this year's Nationals.

We've had a lot of positive feedback about the new logo and people are excited to see the clothing merch that is planned for the event over 19-20 October, in Shepparton.

This time we have used Shepo's WH as a draw image.  His beautiful WH has one of the most interesting personalised number plates around.  There's no doubt that Daniel has a knack with naming his car.

The HMASWH is no accident – pointing towards the nautical references, tongue-in-cheek.  Great fun.

More information about the Nationals will be posted on and the HSCCA group.

You can download the file here for personal use, promo use and printing. folder 2019 Statesman Nationals

We have been working on promotional materials for this year's Statesman Nationals.  A few of you might have seen the logo as it's progressed.

It's been incorporated into the A4 pdf poster we've comissioned to use as we promote the event — all things Statesman, Caprice, Grange etc.

HUDINI has been used as the draw photo, taken by AJP in Dookie for last year's cruise.

The Nationals logotype typeface is "Bouttiques" stylised and vertorised with borders and shading.

Another less complicated version will be outputted as vector for our clothing suppliers. We are hoping to have a variety of 2019 Nationals clothing available for purchase over the weekend of Oct 19-20.

An official copy of the poster is folder here: 2019 Statesman Nationals

Working on this year's look for the Statesman Nationals sticker.  It may form parts of other artwork, including this year's "rego" sticker.

Last year we had our first batch of stickers for attendees of both the Saturday and Sunday for the Nats.  They were very popular.

This is the new design proof that we've been working on.
















While this is not the final design, it gives people an idea of what could be coming for 2019.

Hope you like it.