Shepparton News photos from last year's Nationals are available for purchase online.

Check out Laura Biggs' photos from the Saturday, 20th in this online collection.

If you're interested in getting a photo of your car from this set, follow the News' prompts and download your photo.

To see the photos taken that are available, click this link.

Had a lot of fun this week putting together this extended version of the 2018 Nationals Cruise Video.  Ably helped with Jacqui of AJP, we put this compilation together in iMovie for posterity.  The Sunday was much better weather than the wet Saturday we had endured.

The Statos formed up at Shepparton Bridgestone, practically filling up the massive concrete forecourt.

Then on to Dookie and Devenish where we visited the silo art and then back to Dookie for lunch.  The numbers were spectacular, creating possibly the first traffic jams in the little towns. 

The video starts at the launching site on the Bridgestone tarmac, in New Dookie Road.  Dom Melino can be seen directing traffic, West, South and East — very funny.

The the procession begins following Dom in his red Corvette.

Steven Angus' Green Grange

Stato stalwart Steven Angus owns a green WH Grange.  Quite possibly the most desirable Grange ever built by HSV.  I've dubbed it the "Green Barchetta" in the spirit of Rush's song about the future of driving.  This podcast tackles a range of topics, including Steven's amazing weight loss.  It's a credit to him to have taken his health to the point that he is no longer pre-diabetic.  A fantastic example of someone who turned their life around with diet.

His WH Grange is definitely a "keeper" and he says it would take a very large — ridiculous — amount of cash to even tempt a sale.  Steve is an admin of Facebook group and a member of the HSCCA.


Red Barchetta Lyrics:
My uncle has a courtry place That no one knows about He says it used to be a farm Before the Motor Law And now on Sundays I elude the eyes And hop the turbine freight To far outside the wire where my White-haired uncle waits Jump to the ground as the turbo slows To cross the borderline Run like the wind as excitement shivers Up and down my spine But down in his barn My uncle preserved for me An old machine For fifty-odd years To keep it as new Has been his dearest dream I strip away the old debris That hides a shining car A brilliant Red Barchetta From a better vanished time We'll fire up the willing engine Responding with a roar Tires spitting gravel I commit my weekly crime Wind In my hair Shifting and drifting Mechanical music Adrenaline surge Well-oiled leather Hot…

Several HSCCA Members attended the 7th Annual Shepparton Motor Show, at Emerald Bank, Kialla, today. 

Corey Jester Rawlinson, Peter Russell, Mal McLeod, Jeffrey van den Born, Shannon Bordieri and Stato Nats committee member Dom Mellino attended.  The event attracted hundreds of entries and the Stato presence for this year was the biggest since the event started.  Corey and his partner were easily spotted wearing their new HSCCA merchandise.  The contrast of the white logo on black works a treat.  You can see them clearly from a long way off.

Corey displayed his white WL 6.0 litre Statesman, Peter displayed his VR Ex-Embassy Caprice, Shannon did not bring a Stato this time, Jeffrey was in his Kevin Denis Special Statesman and Mal was in his "sleeper" VQ turbo.

Museum curator Shaun Lennard said he hoped the forthcoming Statesman Nationals, set for 19-20 Oct would become a regular event and would like to see that the venue could become the home of Statesman Nationals into the future.
The management is very supportive of what the HSCCA is doing with its premiere event.
Corey's neat WL 6.0 litre