Exactly one year ago today, I did a recce in and around Dookie, near Shepparton, Vic, in preparation for the 2018 Statesman Nationals. Took this photo just outside the town where you can see the red volcanic soils and some barrels from a local winery. It was the beginnings of a fantastic, fun event which almost 100 enjoyed in October.

The second (car procession) photo by Jacqui Ajp Hayward demonstrates the response. First traffic jam in this one-horse town. This year we will be doing another Nats over the 19-20 of OCT and another fun cruise on the Sunday. Good times for StatoLife Keep up to date by checking on www.stato.life for what's being planned. Next week I will be doing a recce for this year's event. Top Secret. Not telling ... yet!!! Since the 2019 event was posted we've seen 85 people sign up their interest in less than one week.

Statesman Nationals has a new mastercraftsman detailer on its sponsorship books.  Cam Scory, of HUSSLN Auto Detailing, has joined us as a major sponsor of this year's event.  Cam, a technician of detailing science, is one of a very few professionals who are licenced to use and apply Modesta Finishes. 

Cam has worked on numerous custom cars that require patience and attention to detail.  And the results are spectacular.  Just read some of the reviews by his customers on the Facebook Page and you will get the drift.  His work is at a level that is incomperable in the region.  Yes there are other good detailers but none who are trained in the Modesta system of finishes.

He is based in the small regional township of Merrigum, which is a short drive out of Shepparton.  His move to the region comes after a very successful stint in Perth — but country life beckoned, which suits his family.  And we are the winners in this "motoring city of Shepparton," where he works with other elite professionals like Southern Rod and Custom and Maxteds.  He is also a keen supporter of the Shepparton Motor Museum, and runs workshops regularly to improve punters' skills.

Great business, great bloke.  We are lucky to have him.



Abbey Greenwood is Statesman true-blue.  She is one of a clutch of female fans of the Statesman marque.  Her beautiful WK Statesman Caprice is testimony to the love and attention many women have for these long-wheelbase cars.

So enamoured is she that one of the first deliveries of new HSCCA merchandise arrived at her home last week.  Abbey proudly snapped a selfie with her new shirt and Stato which appeared on the HSCCA forum.

Pete Russell took the opportunity to interview Abbey by phone this Monday evening.  All will be revealed in this podcast (to be published on this page on Tuesday).

Meet Abbey Greenwood — the first person to receive her brand new HSCCA T-Shirt design.  The new shirts, inspired by Guy Reeves, Shepo and Pete Russell, was proudly worn by Abbey for this selfie posted on the HSCCA Forum today.  She recommends the quality and even beat Shepo to the punch.  He'd put in his order pretty much straight away.  Funny, me thinks.  The new shirts and gear are available by clicking this link to Chaotic.