We have the premiere Statesman event tickets ready for sale.  You can purchase your tickets at this link: pdf Nats tickets for sale by clicking the for sale link on this PDF (893 KB)

or you can go there directly by clicking this link.

For complete information about the Nats, 2019 HSCCA Statesman Nationals.

This beautiful example of a 1982 Statesman Deville is a mild modification.  It has the rims and tyres and under the bonnet it has a 5litre V8 out of a VS Commodore.

A great cruising car for weekends.  These were built during the time of Holden building the best luxury cars out there.

This white car serves Shonky Garage well, it's a beast.
GrassRoots Garage video host from Sydney Australia is a show about cars, and enjoy talking to the people that own modify and maintain them. They are not focused on making hyper-styled show reels and showing off video production skills, we are about the owner and his/her passion for their car we will continue traveling the world bringing you modified cars from all walks of life!!

They are happy to hear from other Statesman owners in the Sydney area.

I've been involved with the HSCCA for two years now.  It's been growing exponentially during that time, with more and more members joining and getting involved.

We've had a Statesman Nationals event and we are planning on having another one this October. 

It marks a further celebration of our favourite long-wheelbase marque.

Have you noticed just how many Statesmans are still on the road. Stato Spottos is great fun.  I often count Statos numbering in 10s or 20s over a weekend.

And that's just in Shepparton and surrounds.

Our Nats event has been adopted by the Shepparton Motor Museum — they love Statos just about as much as we do.  Shannons too has taken to sponsoring the event.

Things are very healthy in Statoland.

Return of the Statesman

Following the death of the HZ Kingswood in 1980, Holden’s beloved chassis soldiered on as the WB in luxury sedan and commercial form only. By 1985, they were gone too, leaving a long-wheelbase-sized hole in Holden’s range.

Although seen as a return to form for Holden, the VQ Statesman and Caprice luxury twins, released in March 1990, were heavily criticised for sharing too many parts with the VN Commodore. As spectacular and un-Opel-like as the unique hidden C-pillar appeared, the front quarters, bonnet, headlights, boot lid and tail-lights were all Commodore – a trap Ford avoided when designing the NA Fairlane and DA LTD, which used only the windscreen and front doors from the EA Falcon.

While the 14-speaker stereo cassette system in the Caprice was pretty speccy, it was the long-awaited introduction of Independent Rear Suspension, a first for an Aussie luxury car, that upset Ford’s apple cart. The VQ and VQII previewed several other mechanical upgrades that would see their way into the 1990 VN Commodore update and 1991 VP range, including Holden’s first local ABS braking system.

A lot of industries have a history of odd decisions, and the car-making industry is no exception.