• The Shepomobile Gains Gearbox

    One of the StatoLife's most famous friends has a new gearbox in the making.

    Daniel "Shepo" Shepheard's beautiful blue WH is nearly ready for it's back-on-the-road adventures with the news that the replacement gearbox is soon joining his V8 HMASWH.

    Daniel posted this wonderful and exciting photo on Facebook today.  This so-loved long-wheelbase beauty is much anticipated.

    The car had spat some gearbox bits late last year and has been awaiting a re-conditioned box.

    Next, as we understand from posts between Daniel and Guy Reeves, will be a paint job.

    Given it looks so good at the moment, new paint will take her to new levels.  So great to hear she's on the mend.  Well done Shepo.

    Shepo has also agreed to be a jugdge for this year's Show 'n' Shine category for custom Statos at the 19-20 Nats.  The car is also featured in our advertising materials produced this week.

    pdf Download ad for Statesman Nats 2019 A4 Poster #Two (9.75 MB)