Pet Names

  • Luxo Barge, Boat, Aircraft Carrier

    A while back on the forum we asked for people to supply their 'pet names' for their Statesmans.

    Joshua Daniel Guest Saw a VS Caprice a while ago that had "CLEGS" as the number plate (Sealegs).

    Nick Bonne's refers to Lilly as a boat, land barge, barge, cargo ship, land yacht, yacht, aircraft carrier and Australian tank.

    Aaron Aaron Mine's is called TITANIC. And Cameron Scott Jones has no nautical name but"it has run aground".

    Brad Armstrong thinks calling it a "boat: or a "barge" is stupid.

    Cameron Beer calls his VQ the "Vagina Quest." He believes his name should have been vanquished.

    Ben Harris "Chunky Butt" is what his friend calls his WK.

    Rick John Ring: I call my "Stato" my "Stato"— it's lovely.

    Brad Pfeffer: Whenever I see the rear end of my WH poking out in a parking lot, that song comes into my head. "I LIKE BIG BUTTS, and I CANNOT LIE."

    Simon McGennan: "Unfortunately in the 70's they were called 'Rustbuckets' trust me I had an HQ Deville and an HZ Caprice, they all rusted in the boot, below the rear glass and of course under the good ole 'Vinyl Top'.

    Brad Armstrong: "Some of the names I've seen people call them on here make me think there are some seriously deranged people around who haven't yet encountered the opposite sex."

    Billy Spearing: Just "Stato" or "beast" and Kevin Whitwell "Lounge chair on wheels."

    Michael Smith: "Baby Caprice". Because it is looked after very well.

    Jayson Scott-Harley Forth: I call mine "Snotty." Jayson Scott-Harley Forth also calls his "Snotty."

    Peter Rabbitoh: "My WH is known as 'Slow Boat' around town, not entirely sure that's a good thing...

    Sharon Maree Brown: "The Captain ⚓️".