Statesman Nationals

  • 2018 HSCCA Nationals

    LAST YEAR saw the HSCCA in conjunction with Shepp Statos hold the first Statesman Nationals.  Held in October at the Shepparton Motor Museum and surrounds, poor weather on the Saturday did not dampen spirits.  More than 70 cars attended and $600 worth of BBQ food sold out by 2pm —meaning the crowd was big and hungry.

    Punters had the opportunity to tour the museum too — which had an amazing array of cars on display, including three Statesmans in prime spot inside. There was also a clutch of Aussie muscle including a Brock race car.  Thanks to museum curator Graeme Balfour for his hospitality.

  • 2019 Nationals Planning Begins

    Nationals organiser Peter Russell started discussions with Nationals host, Shepparton Motor Museum, recently to plan another Nationals.  Pete met with the museum's curation, Sean, to try and nail down dates and museum availability.  The only issue is that the museum has plans to double in size and to become Australia's first Museum of Motoring Evolution.  Construction start dates is yet to be determined but could overlap our big day.  Once things are settled, we will let you know about this year's dates.

    The museum, which resides at Emerald Bank, in South Shepparton (near the airport), is a big drawcard for locals and tourists alike.  It has hosted some amazing events including a world-first complete collection of Shelby Cobras and an almost complete "Motoring Legends" of Bathurst front grid fame.

    Discussions are in the mix with the Woolshed as a potential venue for the Nationals Dinner.  The venue is part of the Emerald Bank complex and it affords secure parking for Statesman lovers.  It would make a mini-meet possible before the dinner and provide the opportunity for overnight secure parking, should one have a few to many bevvies.

    The plans for expansion means the venue will be able to host even bigger events.  The management is keen to back another Statesman Nationals. Apparently we are valued as car enthusiasts who are very well behaved.  A fine thing.

  • 2019 Statesman Nationals Sticker

    Working on this year's look for the Statesman Nationals sticker.  It may form parts of other artwork, including this year's "rego" sticker.

    Last year we had our first batch of stickers for attendees of both the Saturday and Sunday for the Nats.  They were very popular.

    This is the new design proof that we've been working on.
















    While this is not the final design, it gives people an idea of what could be coming for 2019.

    Hope you like it.

  • 2019 Statesman Nationals Updated

    We've been working on finalising the Statesman Nats.  The event is building into a full-format two-day adventure for Statesman owners.

    We have 446 "Interested" on our Facebook Events post.  This accounts for many more times the size of last year's Nats, which was about 100 cars.

    Judging by the trend, we think we will have about double on the day, which would be close to a record for the Shepparton Motor Museum.  Three years ago there was a Holden SS Club event of about the same size — and that holds the known record for club cars at the venue.

    Let's work on breaking that record.  We all know that Statos are better in so many ways.

    For more information about the 2019 HSCCA Statesman Nationals, click here:


  • Facebook Adverts Drives Nats

    With a little bit of help from Facebook's Event advertising algorithm, we had a very successful event launch this week.

    In a 24 hour period, those "Interested" in the 2019 HSCCA Statesman Nationals, at the Shepparton Motor Museum, 19-20 Oct, garnished about 376 entrants.

    This is a huge increase from the initial commitment of about 80 people and or cars.

    Last year we had about 100 in total on the Saturday and about 75 on the Cruise to Dookie/Devenish.  We went through $400 worth of BBQ food, which had finished by about 2pm.  You can just imagine what we'll need this year.  We're having a Nats Organising Committee meeting in Shepp today to work stuff out.

    This year's numbers are looking outstanding.  It's more than likely that the total amount attending will be a "world record."  Spoke with Shaun Lennard, the museum curator, and he said it could be a record for the venue too — exceeding the biggest day it's had with the SS Club three years ago.

    Who can remember seeing 300 plus Statos in a pack? I haven't.



  • Five Reasons to Come to Nats

    Things are warming up at the Statesman Nationals organising committee.  We are geting excited about "the biggest and best Statesman Event of 2019."

    1. You need to come to enjoy the Cruise from Wallan — we are expecting about 50 cars to make the morning cruise from Wallan to Shepparton.
    2. You need to see the updated Shepparton MotorMusuem — the musuem has doubled in size in the part years and is about to start undergoing a further expansion.
    3. You need to see the amazing roll-up ofStatos, Caprices, Devilles and Granges– we've had more than 400 car owners express their interest in the event.
    4. You need to enjoy the Statesman Nationals Dinner — we're expecting guest speakers, raffle competitions, more prizes than you can poke a stick at.
    5. You need to enjoy the Statesman Nats Sunday Cruise to Murchison, via Kirwans Bridge (an experience not to be forgotten). You just don't get to do these things when you live in the big smoke.

    This movie demonstrates the fun had at last year's Nats during the two days.

  • Maskells Coming to Nationals Dinner


    One of Australia's leading custom car builders, Greg Maskell, will be a special guest speaker at the Statesman Nationals Dinner on the evening of 19 October.

    Greg's Maskells Customs and Classics is known for winnng prizes at Mcguiars car shows and the prestigious Sema Car Show in the US, where he took the magnificent XBOSS XB Coupe to show and win a top three prize.

    They are also project masters of GM cars including prizeWinning Monaco’s, Toranas and Comaros.


    Greg will attend the dinner and will be taking questions in a "Q and A" Session, taken from attendees at the dinner.

    Maskell's are also known for the amazing build of an XF Ford "Psycho" with every panel, engine, glass and interior were custom-built.

  • Memories Made of Stato Life!

    Exactly one year ago today, I did a recce in and around Dookie, near Shepparton, Vic, in preparation for the 2018 Statesman Nationals. Took this photo just outside the town where you can see the red volcanic soils and some barrels from a local winery. It was the beginnings of a fantastic, fun event which almost 100 enjoyed in October.

    The second (car procession) photo by Jacqui Ajp Hayward demonstrates the response. First traffic jam in this one-horse town. This year we will be doing another Nats over the 19-20 of OCT and another fun cruise on the Sunday. Good times for StatoLife Keep up to date by checking on for what's being planned. Next week I will be doing a recce for this year's event. Top Secret. Not telling... yet!!! Since the 2019 event was posted we've seen 85 people sign up their interest in less than one week.

  • Nationals Second A4 Poster

    We've been busy in HSCCA HQ, at Top Gun Multimedia, creating artwork merchandise and a logo for this year's Nationals.

    We've had a lot of positive feedback about the new logo and people are excited to see the clothing merch that is planned for the event over 19-20 October, in Shepparton.

    This time we have used Shepo's WH as a draw image.  His beautiful WH has one of the most interesting personalised number plates around.  There's no doubt that Daniel has a knack with naming his car.

    The HMASWH is no accident – pointing towards the nautical references, tongue-in-cheek.  Great fun.

    More information about the Nationals will be posted on and the HSCCA group.

    You can download the file here for personal use, promo use and printing. folder 2019 Statesman Nationals

  • Nationals Tickets on Sale Now!

    Tickets are on sale now for this year's Statesman Nationals Event, to be held at the Shepparton Motor Musuem and Surrounds.

    The $50 tickets include:

    • Emerald Bank show'n'shine entry;
    • Museum tour (worth $15), BBQ and drink (worth up to $10);
    • Nationals Dinner booking at the Shepparton Greyhound Club (roast dinner is PAYG and drinks are available at bar), SPECIAL guest speakers;
    • Nationals Kirwans Bridge/Murchison Cruise (coffee/brunch at Penelope's Cafe on the water is PAYG);
    • Murchison Market, BBQ and Meteorite Museum Tour (PAYG).

    We currently have 450 registered on the Facebook Events Page and, if last year's Nats is anything to go by we should attract a final figure of more than 200.


    Saturday, 19 October 2019

    09:00am - 10:30am

    Nationals Wallan Services Cruise

    Melbourne Statesman Nationals Cruise from Wallan Services, forming up before 9am departure.  The 1.5 hour cruise sees this pack of Statesmans arriving at the Shepparton Motor Museum about 10-30am. Please contact Meagan Connolly for more information and...

    Read More

    10:00am - 03:00pm

    Nationals Musuem and Event

    The HSCCA 2019 Statesman Nationals includes a show'n'shine, museum tour with special Statesmans inside the musuem, a BBQ and drink, judging and awards before close of event, followed by included booking for a PAYG dinner at the Shepparton Greyhound Club.

    Read More

    06:00pm - 11:00pm

    Nationals Dinner

    Catered dinner of two roasts and two deserts PAYG. Licensed drinks at bar prices. The venue is the Shepparton Greyhound Clubhouse.  Booking fee included in your ticket price.

    Read More

    Sunday, 20 October 2019

    10:00am - 11:30am

    Nationals Cruise Kirwans Bridge

    The 2019 Nationals Cruise forms up at The Shepparton Greyhound and Racing Track before 10am departure.  The cruise goes from the track to Kirwans Bridge, Nagambie, at Penelope's Cafe/Restaurant for a PAYG breakfast, coffee, brunch of your...

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    11:30pm - 03:00pm

    Nationals Cruise Murchison

    The Cruise to Murchison finishes with cars parking up on the river and main street areas of the township. BBQs PAYGO will be on hand near the river, there is a town bakery and pub both PAYG. The famous Murchison Meteorite Museum will be open for a small fee....

    Read More


  • Statesman Nationals A4 Poster

    We have been working on promotional materials for this year's Statesman Nationals.  A few of you might have seen the logo as it's progressed.

    It's been incorporated into the A4 pdf poster we've comissioned to use as we promote the event — all things Statesman, Caprice, Grange etc.

    HUDINI has been used as the draw photo, taken by AJP in Dookie for last year's cruise.

    The Nationals logotype typeface is "Bouttiques" stylised and vertorised with borders and shading.

    Another less complicated version will be outputted as vector for our clothing suppliers. We are hoping to have a variety of 2019 Nationals clothing available for purchase over the weekend of Oct 19-20.

    An official copy of the poster is folder here: 2019 Statesman Nationals