Sunday April 28

  • Silo Art Grande Opening at St James — Cruise

    We've discovered a beaut cruise that's been organised by the Shepparton Cars and Coffee crew to St James on the town's launch of its new Coles' Silo Art.  This is special, as not many people know that the very first Coles shop was in St James.  It's still a two-horse town.  But has some famous heritage.  At last year's Nationals we went to the nearby Devenish Silos for a squizz.

    The thumbnail photo illustrates the Sunday we had for the Nationals.  The second thumbnail shows the added art to the Devenish silos.  Devenish and St James are about 7km apart and the drive from Shepp takes in both.  This cruise will be similar.  Those silos too have had some additional work that we will spy during this cruise.  We have about 20 spots booked at the St James pub and Wayne the publican wants a "Show'n'Shine" outide the hotel.  The more Statos the merrier.  So if you are near get yourself to the Bridgestone Tyres staging point by 9am sharp, Sunday 28th of April.

    Technically not an official HSCCA event but hey it's cars, great photos and good food.  What more could you want? Download the promo link at the bottom of this page.

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