It's very hard to find info about the HDT Statesman Magnums. 

We've found a video by HDT with Peter Brock comments that pretty much sums up this amazing model.

Brocky tweaked it to the point it was just seconds away from Commodore speeds around Calder.

The wheel and tyre package was so good a luxury car could be driven hard and respond well.

It had become the most popular HDT luxury vehicle.  The sales and marketing managers at Holden needed some excitement.  Brocky looked into it gave it group III heads, exhausts, shocks, springs, fatter front and rear bars, Momo wheels and a change in the diff ratio.

"It went hard and the best I could do in a standard Statesman was 61.5 seconds, in the Magnum it was a weapon."

They even considered putting a five-speed into them but it was only talked about.

They made three utilities which was out of HDT's normal model range and about 250 Statesmans were customised by HDT.

Luxury in complete comfort and at speed.